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Materials We Commonly Cut & Engrave:

Solids Wood & Plywood (up to .5 inch thick)

Acrylic & Other Plastics ( up to .5 inch thick)

Leather & Wool

Paper, Card Stock & Cardboard

Metals we commonly mark include: Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled Steel

Custom Laser Cutting and Engraving Service in Portland

Here at MC Laser Labs, we offer premier laser cutting and engraving services in Portland, Oregon. Laser engraving and marking is essentially an extremely precise and controlled method of burning. This method makes it possible to precisely scorch an image or text into a huge variety of materials, including laser marking onto metals such as Stainless, Aluminum and Brass. With our custom laser engraving and marking, we can engrave just about anything into—well, just about anything. Of course, some things are off limits, and that’s not because we haven’t tried (we probably have), but because science isn’t always on our side. We take extra care with certain materials that could contain elements like cobalt, lead, copper, or chromium—basically any substance with a chemical make-up that, when exposed to the heat of the laser, can create dangerous gases or dust as a byproduct. Also, fabrics and other materials that are labelled as “flame retardant” probably contain bromine, which is not a laserable substance. If you’ve got any questions about the laserability of a potential project, please do contact us.

Our laser cutting and engraving services offer are a perfect opportunity to increase your business’s branding presence. Our custom laser marking process spans from the humble origin story all the way to the ultimate laser-filled showdown. In other words, we’ve got you covered from brainstorming and design all the way through final implementation. We use two CO2 lasers, which is one of the most efficient, reliable, and versatile continuous wave lasers currently available in the industry. This tool allows our custom laser marking to achieve an incredibly fine level of detail across a wide range of materials. We use the latest software to digitally render your artwork and configure the settings in accordance with your chosen material. Then the machine performs its magic. If the finished product isn’t satisfactory, we’ll tinker with the settings and/or materials so that the idea in your mind’s eye becomes reality. MC Laser Labs’ main priority with our laser cutting and engraving services is client satisfaction, and we’re entirely committed to achieving it every time.