Materials We Commonly CNC Cut:

Solids Wood & Plywood

Acrylic & Other Plastics

Sintra and Other Expanded PVC Materials

Sign Foam

Paper, Card Stock & Cardboard


CNC Cutting & Machining in Portland

MC Laser Labs offers custom CNC cutting in Portland, capable of carving, engraving, and 3D-milling various sheet goods, such as wood, plywood, and acrylic. Our CNC router features a 4’ x 8’ bed with a Z-axis of 7”, which gives us a generous amount of space to work with. Our CNC routing services can transform a stock piece of material into just about anything—components for a schematic, intricate sculptures or carvings, or storefront signs for your business. The possibilities are about as limitless as your imagination. CNC machining services rely on digital instructions from either a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) or Computer Aided Design (CAD) program that produces special files that can render 3-D objects digitally. This 3-D design is then interpreted by the CNC machine as precise instructions for cutting. There’s no matching the capabilities of the specialized computers and machines that we have at our disposal. Automated CNC routing services such as ours improve both the speed and accuracy with which 3-D objects can be created.

Our custom CNC cutting process goes a little something like this: First, we create a CAD design, along with some special code that our CNC machine can understand. We load up the program and perform a test run to ensure that there are no initial problems. This step of the process is creatively called “cutting air”, because that’s exactly what the machine does at this stage. This way we can avoid potential mistakes with factors such as the speed or position of the tool, which could result in damage to the materials or our machine. We then do it for real and adjust accordingly. Because of the precision that our CNC machining service offers, we can create incredibly complex shapes that would otherwise be nearly impossible. Another unrivaled benefit of our CNC routing service is our ability to consistently repeat the process in exactly the same manner again and again, producing as many identical objects as you wish.